Do you ship to me?

Yes! We are happy to ship internationally right to your door.

For more details please see our shipping and returns page here

Where do you ship from?

when we wear young is based in the eclectic and lively city of Montreal, Canada.

How do you package my items for shipping?

We are conscious of our environmental footprint and ship our products in a reusable cotton pouch. The only waste will be the poly bag we need to ship in order protect the item.

We also try to work as paperless as possible, therefore no paper receipts will be included in your package. Please save your email confirmation for all information regarding your order. 

I have received a faulty item or there is a problem with the items I have received, what should I do?

At when we wear young we take great pride in the quality of our products. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us directly at minna@whenwewearyoung.com and we'll review your request. 

Please see more information on our shipping and returns page here

Can I create a baby registry on your shop? 

We work with a universal online baby registry called Baby List. All you need to do is sign up for free and add items from any online shop! Sign up here

Where are your brands from? 

We buy from small independent brands all over the world, ranging from the Netherlands, Norway and Australia! Also, half of our brands come from right here in Canada. We love to support our local small businesses!

Where are the goods manufactured? 

All of the Canadian brands manufacture their goods here at home, some of them are handmade by the owners themselves! 

Some of the more established brands manufacture their clothing outside their own country such as Portugal, Turkey and India while still maintaining ethical production practices. You can read where each brand manufactures from their brand pages. 

How does your clothing fit? 

As we buy from all over the world, sizing may vary across brands. Most products have size charts included in the description.  Please refer to them and measure your little one accordingly.

Is your clothing organic? 

All brands use quality materials. Many of the brands we carry use organic materials such as organic cotton or sustainable materials such as bamboo. 

What is bamboo? 

Bamboo is a renewable natural fiber that regenerates in 55 days. It needs very little irrigation and does not require any pesticides.

How can I find out about your upcoming events, sales or promotions? 

You can connect with us through Instagram, Facebook or sign up to our mailing list back on our home page to hear about our exclusive promotions and events! 

You can also follow us on Pinterest for inspiration on family recipes, decor and fashion for mama!

Why don't you have a girls section and a boys section? 

We don't believe that only girls can wear pink and that only boys can wear blue. They should wear want they want! We also look for clothing that is stereotype free and most can be worn by boys or girls! We say "most" because there might be a dress or two, we couldn't resist! 

I am an independent brand and would like to show you my product. How can I contact you? 

We would love to see what you are doing! We are especially interested if you manufacture in Canada.

Please email: minna@whenwewearyoung.com