Sunset Straw Cup
Sunset Straw Cup

Sunset Straw Cup

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This is the perfect cup for mealtimes. You can use them as a open cup or with the straw. You get two straws with our cups! One matching and one in a contrasting colour. Your little ones will love to choose which straw colour to drink from and you will love the flexibility of having an extra straw. 

This little cup is a great size for the little ones to hold.  Kids typically begin to use a straw cup at 12 months after mastering a sippy cup. Some may be earlier and some later, all at their own pace.

These are not spill proof as they will leak water from the straw when turned upside down. These are meant for dinner time, not travelling in the car time.  Silicone is unbreakable so at least if dropped the cup will be safe! 

100% Premium food grade silicone, Non Toxic, BPA and Phthalates Free

Dishwasher and Microwave safe. Unbreakable

Holds 125mls