Pastel + Natural Pyramid Stacker
Pastel + Natural Pyramid Stacker
Pastel + Natural Pyramid Stacker

Pastel + Natural Pyramid Stacker

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A classic donut stacking tower in a beautiful earth-tones pastel rainbow. The graduated stacking rings create a simple first “puzzle” for toddlers and preschoolers, who learn spatial relationships and basic physics through stacking and ordering the pieces. Also makes a beautiful display piece on the nursery shelf.

Lovingly handcrafted in Russia by a third-generation toymaker family using traditional water-based stains on all natural lime wood. With no lacquer, the beautiful wood grain shows through and the velvety finish of natural wood is a calming tactile experience. 

With it you can come up with dozens of games:

  • Collect from larger to smaller and vice versa
  • Lay out on the plane
  • Build pyramids without pin
  • Use as a stencil when drawing
  • String on a rope or ribbon and unwind

The pyramid is good because children quickly learn to play with it on their own. Let the child fiddle with the pyramid while you are cooking dinner or hanging clothes after washing is a good thing for him, free time for you. 

Natural colour + harmonious sand colours
Made by hand from solid wood
Age Recommendation: 1+ (Warning! Potential hazardous accessible points. Always supervise)
Size 17.5 × 12 cm
Made in Russia with Love