Kinetic Mobile 1920-Brass/Rose

Kinetic Mobile 1920-Brass/Rose

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Exclusive to when we wear young!

This model looks perfect anywhere in your house giving an extra point of light to any room, and I love the rose and brass effect! Perfect for a modern nursery.
Designed as a real gem for the home, this mobile is delicately balanced and is a size which easily fits in most interior spaces.

This piece is handmade with brass and recycled paper. Layers of book pages are impregnated with thermosetting eco resin and topped with a decorative paper layer. After this has been compressed and cured, it make a hard and durable surface very similar from wood, then I can cut, drill and sand the coloured shapes. The mix of coloured paper and brass is a plus for a minimalistic and bohemian interior decor.

The slightest movement of the mobile makes it relaxing and hypnotic.

The brass shapes have been cut and finished by hand with a brushed satin look and coated with lacquer to prevent from tarnishing.

Packaged fully assembled and ready to hang.

Size is approx 50 cm X 45 cm.

Each mobile is made by hand so slight variations to the images may occur.

Made in Spain