Earth Pastel Cube Set
Earth Pastel Cube Set
Earth Pastel Cube Set
Earth Pastel Cube Set
Earth Pastel Cube Set
Earth Pastel Cube Set
Raduga Grez

Earth Pastel Cube Set

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Cubes - a universal toy that suits both boys and girls, and lovers of role-playing games, and quiet people, and hyperactive children. She develops spatial and figurative thinking, trains boundless imagination and encourages creativity.

How to play?

  • Build towers, bridges, buildings, roads, fortress walls, doll furniture.
  • You can build figures in volume or on a plane, learn colours, count.
In the box with the cubes, we put a hint instruction with 15 different games to make it easier to get comfortable with the new toy.  

Cubes teach to play independently and perfectly stimulate creative thinking, the ability to look for innovative solutions in the game. This skill will then come in handy in school, in building relationships, in creativity and in general in life.

Forest Soul is a collection of cubes of pleasant pastel shades. We chose the color of mother's milk, pink peonies, blue diapers, delicious creme brulee, ripe autumn chestnuts, sky overhead, French mustard, blue spruces on Red Square and tiffany boxes. Just imagine how you can use them to deepen your knowledge of color and understanding shades!

Toy Chips:

  • 20 cubes per set, size 4 × 4
  • Pastel colors for aesthetes
  • Preserved wood texture, not varnished
  • Cubes made of natural linden
  • One set - many educational games

Size: 16x20x4 cm

Made from solid wood of linden by hand  
Made in Russia with Love