Carry Me Blocks Set
Carry Me Blocks Set
Carry Me Blocks Set
Carry Me Blocks Set
Carry Me Blocks Set

Carry Me Blocks Set

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From Japan, this is a toy that expands play by utilizing the function of composing such as arranging and stacking
The storage is cute so that it fits well with the interior.
It is packed in a suitcase that children love. Since it has broken lines, it can be enjoyed as a puzzle.
By pulling around, you can develop a sense of balance in your body , foster the five senses of children, and develop your sensitivity.
A lot of colourful blocks in a suitcase is a lot of fun memories while traveling.

I hope it will be a product that will be loved for generations and generations.

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*The acrylic part of the case has a clear cover to prevent scratches during shipping. Please remove the clear cover before use.


Things to check: About wooden toys Trees are living things.
Each tree has its own personality, just as a person has his own personality.
No one has the same color, knots, or annual rings.
It is one of the good points of wooden toys that you can enjoy each individuality.
And the tree is breathing.
It expands and contracts due to humidity and temperature.
Due to changes in humidity and temperature, the wood may warp or create gaps, but
this is due to the nature of the wood.
In order to
use the product for a long time, please avoid using it in a humid place, a place exposed to direct sunlight, or near a heating/cooling device,
as it may cause a warp or a gap.


*All dou? products have passed CE (Toy Safety Standards common to European EU countries).

It has passed the food inspection and uses a paint that is safe for children to eat. It is a toy that you can play safely and safely.