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Children's favourite working cars like a Matryoshka doll, cars from inside will appear one after another.
If you replace the fire engine, ambulance, bus, and building blocks, you can use it as a taxi or police car.
Through playing with the car, you can not only learn the number and size,
but also enjoy the storage like a puzzle .
It is a toy that you can enjoy learning how to put out → play → clean up.

Comes with a cloth mat to drive around on.

How many cars can you find?

ontents: Wooden car, 3 blocks, cloth map

Size: Largest fire engine: 210x90x120 (mm)
    Fabric map: Approximately 720x42 (mm)

Material: Beach material, acrylic, steel, cotton


*All dou? products have passed CE (Toy Safety Standards common to European and European countries).
 It has passed the food inspection and uses a paint that is safe for children to eat.
 It is a toy that you can play safely and safely.

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