Self Quarantine: What we did this week.

This is a confusing and difficult time for all of us and I wanted to share how we got through the week. There were ups and downs for sure, but for the most part we played, we learned and we shared stories and created some memories. (Click on the photos for links)

1. Washing our hands is obviously a big theme in the household, so we took it one step further and made kid friendly bath bombs. I ordered the ingredients online and used a Christmas silicone muffin mould. I added lavender oil for relaxation and it sizzles beautifully! 

self isolation with kids activities

2. We used those empty toilet paper rolls. We painted them, cut them and even made them into binoculars. Here are some more ideas.

Build a pom pom wall drop. You can create a maze like drop, or even colour code them as a coloured pom pom sorter. 

toilet paper activities for kids

Fine motor skills threading activity. Punch a few holes and give them some pipe cleaners for an engaging activity. 

toilet paper toddler activities

For the older toddlers ready to practise cutting skills. They will love giving these toiler paper people a hair cut. 

toilet paper activities for toddlers


 3. Every morning instead of reading the news, we watched Jimmy Fallon for his Tonight Show from his home. Love watching his kids climb all over him. Celebrities, they are just like us, lol

 4. We drew with Mo Willems. One of our favourite authors/illustrators is Mo Willems who is the creator of "Don't let the Pidgeon Drive the Bus!" or the Elephant and Piggie books. His lunch time Doodles are great for kids that love to draw and adults love it too!

This is my daughter's artwork of "Creature with many legs" from Episode 1. 

mo willems lunch time doodles

Our other favourite author is Mac Barnett and he is reading his books over on Instagram Live each day! 

5. We cooked together. Kids love to help in the kitchen and since we are at home making food constantly, it's fun to let them help. Even if the mess is mega.


6. We made healthy frozen treats for the whole family. Delicious and a good use of all those bananas you bought. 

That's the end of week 1. Hang in there everyone and please share your fun ideas!

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