Mummo's Wool Socks

These are the hands of my Grandmother (Mummo to me) on her wedding day a few years ago. The hands that have knit millions of socks for her family. She said once that every stitch she knits she thinks of the person she is knitting for. 
After over two decades of living with her man in Australia, they decide to tie the knot. Not even a year passes when her new hubby gets hit by a truck after his daily beach stroll and passes away ☹️.
My mother goes to get her and brings her back to Canada. Then a few years later she is diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer with only weeks to live. This was months ago. 
During this time, she has continued to knit socks for my daughter Alice so she will have socks for Christmas for years to come just like I always did. ❤️
Keeping her hands and mind busy is what I believe has kept her with us for months long after her doctors predicted. 
So I gave her some wool and she has made When We Wear Young customers the chance to buy her socks if there are no Grandmothers or Mummos or Nonnas to knit for your little one. 
Made from a wool silk blend these socks are truly one of kind and very close to my heart. 
Mummo has recently celebrated her 85th birthday and I hope that she keeps knitting and that I can see her at Christmas when I visit. 
These socks are made from a wool and silk blend and are truly one of a kind. 
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