Minimalist Gift Guide 2.0 - Guest Blogger: Erica Shaw

Time for our second Minimalist Gift Guide with the lifestyle blogger Erica Shaw as our guest. This fierce mama of two is super stylish and is the perfect person give you inspiration for this weeks "4 gift rule".

Here is Erica's Minimalist Gift Guide for Kids from the shop.

Something they Want
Something they Need
Something to Wear
Something to Read

minimalist gift guide guest blogger erica shaw


Here are the links for what Erica Shaw selected from the shop!

  1. Something they want: Pigeon soft toy, Nesting Dolls
  2. Something they need: Black lace up Rain Boots, Striped Pom Pom hat
  3. Something to wear: Lavender Dog Romper, Vintage Blue Romper
  4. Something to read: I Want My Hat Back, The Book With No Pictures

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