Minimalist Gift Guide 1.0-Guest Blogger Quentin&Co

This year we are implementing the "4 Gift Rule" for our daughter. (Mom and Dad only get one gift from each other).

We want to try and minimize the amount of gifts she receives and we want to start early (she is 2.5 and just beginning to understand). 

This 4 gift rule is popular with minimalists as it focuses on quality rather than on quantity. It will also help guide you during the crazy holiday season. 

We have asked some amazing Canadian bloggers to contribute to our gift guide this year. First up is minimalist mama Shauna from Quentin & Co. 

minimalist gift guide for kids boys quentin & co

Here are the links for what Quentin & Co selected from the shop!

  1. Something they want: Blockitecture blocks
  2. Something they need: 8 pc Underwear Set
  3. Something to wear: "Smile at the People" Flax Sweatshirt
  4. Something to read: Triangle

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