Meet the Mama behind Sēm Label

Sēm Label is our new favourite Canadian brand and Kelsey is our new girl crush. We have fallen in love with her fall collection this season and it is made from the softest bamboo, is minimal and easy to mix and match and the colours are gorgeous!

                        sem label dots track sweater

Kelsey Medynski is the owner, creator, designer of sēm label and lives with her husband and three kids in Alberta all the while running her own kids label. She focuses on ethically and sustainably made garments in hopes of making a positive impact on the fashion industry. 

"Sēm/Seam - To appear to be something or to do something : to have a quality, appearance that shows or suggest a particular characteristic or feeling. 
We have been lucky enough to get a few moments of Kelsey's time for a few questions on how she does it all.
kelsey sem label
Minna:  When was the defining moment when you knew you had to start sēm label and why?
Kelsey:  It was after my second child was born. I have always loved fashion, its like a puzzle to me. I love piecing things together and so when I had my first child (daughter) I immediately started piecing together capsule wardrobes for her. I had a hard time finding things that were good quality and minimal so I started sewing her clothes. I was in school finishing my RN when I had my daughter so I had no time for a business then but when I had my second child and was on Maternity leave I needed a creative outlet. I have always loved sewing and creating things so it felt natural to start sēm. Lots of moms start businesses on Maternity leave with the intention of trying to create a business to stay at home with their kids once its over but my intentions were solely to pursue my passion. I love my kids but I also love working. My husband and I definitely do a 50-50 thing haha.  Having kids also changed my perspective hugely on our impact on this earth as I want to ensure my kids have a beautiful earth to explore themselves so there was no question that I wanted sēm to have a positive impact. 
Minna: I agree, it is so important to feel fulfilled creatively along side raising a family, but you have 3 kids AND run a business! What is your #1 tip on juggling work and family life?
Kelsey:  Don't sweat the small stuff! Organization and lists are key for sure but I think I wake up each morning, run through everything I want to accomplish and then write down what is actually important and what can wait. I think a lot of mom entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed and that their not excelling at anything but just trying to get by. I definitely feel like that some days but I think not stressing about things that don't matter keeps my perspective on my kids and my passion. 
Minna: So true!
So, you live in Alberta, I am originally from Ontario but now live in Quebec.  What do you think is the best thing about Canada?
Kelsey: Oh dear there is so many things to list! I think the best thing I love about it is the diversity. I love all the cultures that live in Canada and hopefully feel the freedom to live the way that is true to them. 
Minna: Awesome, okay, one last question: What are three things that people don't know about you?
Kelsey: mmm I feel like I'm a pretty open book but maybe this will suffice. 
1. I'm not a natural red head
2. The details on my family. I'm from a family of 6, my siblings are great, my parents are divorced, I got married at 22, and will be turning 30 this October. 
3. I get a lot of social anxiety meeting new people
sem label
Thank you to Kelsey for taking the time out of her busy life to answer my questions! Totally thought you were a natural red head, btw!
It is so nice to get to know the awesome women building their dreams across Canada. We will continue to interview the amazing women behind the brands that we work with here at When We Wear Young. Stay tuned! 

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