when we wear young was founded in 2017 by Minna Vahtola and offers modern and functional clothing for kids 0-4 years old. 

Minna Vahtola grew up in a minimalist house in the woods which reflected her Finnish roots. Design and city life called to her and she left to study Fashion Communications at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. Since graduating, she has worked in many aspects of the fashion industry including buying, wholesale and product development. Her jobs have enabled her to live in Montreal, Quebec and London, England and travel across the globe. 

When her daughter Alice was born in 2016, she wanted to dress her in clothing that reflected her own personal minimal style. What she discovered, was that is was difficult to find good quality, great fitting and fashionable clothing without pink princesses, green dinosaurs or slogans. 

Minna was determined to find cute clothing that was good quality, fit well, ethically made and without gender stereotypes. She has curated a collection of clothing sourced from independent brands mostly from Canada but also all over the world that are modern and functional. 

Each order is shipped in a reusable cotton bag to minimize the amount of plastic packaging.

Press coverage
"This entire shop is full of clothes that you’ll end up sticking your babe in over and over. No waste!"
Kids capsule wardrobe
Quentin and Co - July 17, 2017
"My love for modern kids wear just grew ten fold after the launch of When We Wear Young, a Canadian online kids boutique focusing on quality essentials for kids. "
Canadian Online Kids Boutique
The Family Jewels - June 15, 2017
"There are a few things that I love about her store. First off, her clothing is pretty unique and lovely. It’s functional and practical. It’s also very mix and match and very high quality. This means you don’t have to buy a lot of items and can mix them together."
Favourite Things: When We Wear Young
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